The mission

To display one of the most complete collections of Olympic Torches in the world (39 original pieces and one replica) to help give athletes new possibilities.

The Torch, alongside its flame, is the most significant symbol at the Olympic Games and it represents continuity, a deep link between the past and the present.

For this reason, the history and the language of art, which are two factors that speak to a vast audience, brought us to believe that they were the most suitable elements to look to the future.


The Olympic Aid And Sport Promotion Project Association is founded on Stefano Podini’s passion for the world of sport.

Its main objective is to raise funds in order to sustain sports initiatives and assist olympic and paralympic athletes in Italy and worldwide, while supporting their commitment to sport and determination.


With the intent of raising funds to support sports projects, the Association allows interested companies, sponsors of sporting events, museums, banks and other entities the possibility to exhibit the precious collection of Olympic Torches in their premises for special events.


The revenues will be donated to selected athletes from the committee of the Association which is composed by the effective and the honorary President of CONI, the Director of the regional section of the Associazione Atleti Azzurri e Olimpici d’Italia, and the Director of Südtiroler Sporthilfe.