One of the largest olympic torch collection in the world

This website is intended to one of the largest Olympic torch collections in Italy and the world. This collection brings together 37 original torches and 1 reproduction, each individually exposed and protected by Plexiglas. Each torch is accompanied by a fact sheet, photos, medals and other objects connected with each Olympiad.

How did the collection start? My passion for sports, especially skiing, ice hockey, skating and tennis took me to collect torches. But my first love has always been Handball. In fact, I played at a national and International level. This sport brought me to something I could call: “my Olympic Crusade”. In fact I played over 5 years for the national team and we, unfortunately, never managed to qualify ourselves for the Olympics.

In 2008, during the XXVIII Summer Olympics in Beijing, I had the huge opportunity of Being on of the torchbearers. I was able to repeat this experience at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 and in London Olympic Summer Games 2012.

This collection of torches is a source of great pride because it is an effective way to financially support Olympic and Paralympic athletes in financial difficulty through the “Olympic Aid and Sport Promotion Project” association.

Have a nice time 

Stefano Podini 

20 original torches and 1 reproduction of the summer games from 1896 until today.


17 original torches of the winter olympic games from 1952 untill today.


The history of the olympic flame that burns during the olympic games.


Each relay show the culture and the history of a new part of the world.